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Improve bus reliability by adding dedicated bus lane in Maverick Square

"Transit—including the transfer between buses and subway—is the key ingredient for Maverick Square’s vitality. Yet buses are routinely stuck behind congestion and curbside conflicts created by motor vehicles. Despite the essential nature of East Boston buses, no routes serving Maverick Square meet MBTA reliability targets for weekdays, Saturdays, or Sundays. A continuous dedicated bus lane within the square would make bus service more reliable, predictable, and accessible. Dedicated bus lanes would enable the MBTA to spread out bus boarding areas along the proposed public space and would allow greater flexibility during emergency shuttle operations. Maverick Square bus lanes would enable more frequent service anticipated through the MBTA’s Bus Network Redesign, as more buses means more boarding and layover locations are required. " (Source: "PLAN: East Boston," pg 87)
  • Maverick Square MBTA Station, East Boston
OpenStreetMap - Maverick Square MBTA Station, East Boston


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