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Analytics and statistics


Assess and manage air quality and noise levels produced by Logan Airport

From H.3374: "The [Massachusetts Port] Authority shall prepare and publish a strategy report containing policies with respect to the assessment and management of the current and future quality of air and noise levels in the East Boston section of the city regarding the environmental impact of the General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport."

"The Authority shall post air quality and noise level measurements, including, but not limited to, those from department of environmental protection air quality monitors located in the East Boston section of the city of Boston on a publicly accessible internet website as reasonably frequent as possible."

"The Massachusetts Port Authority in coordination with the bureau of environmental health of the department of public health shall regularly conduct an environmental risk assessment of the health impacts of the General Lawrence Logan Airport in the East Boston section of the city of Boston and the town of Winthrop."

Boston Logan Airport
OpenStreetMap - Boston Logan Airport


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