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Make Goodearl Square safer and more accessible

"In October 2023, the City prepared an application for approximately $230,000 in funding from the Shared Streets and Spaces program. This State grant program supports quick-launch improvements to public health, safe mobility, and strengthened commerce in Massachusetts municipalities. The City applied for implementation funding for the Safer and Accessible Goodearl Square Project. Goodearl Square is located at the intersection of Saratoga Street, Barnes Avenue, and Bayswater Street. It is a major gateway for people walking and biking to the Orient Heights Blue Line Station, the recently completed East Boston Senior Center, Constitution Beach, and the Mary Ellen Welch Greenway. The square, however, is one of East Boston’s most severe crash hot spots and has non-compliant curb ramps. The primary goal of the project is to eliminate crashes and improve accessibility between key community destinations by slowing motor vehicle turning speeds, reducing crosswalk distances, increasing visibility between all users, clarifying bicycle movements, and eliminating access barriers. The project would construct a crossing island for the Saratoga Street crosswalk, two raised side street crossings, two curb extensions, at least 18 curb ramps, green infrastructure, and more visible bike lane markings. Funding decisions will be announced in early 2024. If funds are awarded, this project must be fully implemented by December 31, 2025." (Source: "PLAN: East Boston," pg 121)
  • Goodearl Square, East Boston, MA
OpenStreetMap - Goodearl Square, East Boston, MA


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