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Improve roadway conditions and create new green infrastructure along Bennington St

"Design and implementation of improvements to the Bennington Street / Palermo Street intersection, including a new crosswalk and bicycle crossing of Bennington Street, to facilitate safe access to and from the Proposed Project for people walking, biking, and driving. Consistent with PLAN: East Boston, this reconfigured intersection will provide a new accessible crosswalk and bicycle crossing of Bennington Street, connect to the Project-proposed shared-use path along Austin Avenue, and reclaim excess pavement for enhanced public realm, landscaping, and/or green infrastructure. As part of the design process, the Proponent shall perform a traffic signal warrant analysis for this intersection and submit findings to BTD and the BPDA. The Proponent will fund, design, and implement the signalization of this intersection should BTD determine that a traffic signal is warranted based on a review of Proponent-provided analyses and/or engineering judgment."


"Design and implementation of a two-way separated bike lane on Bennington Street approximately between Walley Street and Leverett Avenue. Near the Walley Street / Leyden Street intersection, this bikeway will safely transition bicyclists to the south-side Bennington Street sidewalk. The bikeway will safely transition to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (“MassDOT”) Bennington Street Targeted Safety Improvements Pilot project at Leverett Avenue."


(Source: 1141 Bennington St BPDA Board Approval Memo and Jan 31, 2023 Virtual Public Meeting)



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