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A participatory process is a sequence of participatory activities (e.g. first filling out a survey, then making proposals, discussing them in face-to-face or virtual meetings, and finally prioritizing them) with the aim of shaping the future of a neighborhood.

About this process

Perci PBC is facilitating a grassroots needs assessment and participatory budgeting process to help empower local residents and service providers with a shared understanding of unmet needs and community priorities.

Language access services are available to you free of charge, including interpretation and translation services. You can contact or call/text (617) 651-3235 to request language services related to Eastie Speaks.

Los servicios de acceso al idioma están a su disposición de manera gratuita, incluidos los servicios de interpretación y traducción. Puede enviar un mensaje a o llamar/SMS al (617) 651-3235 para solicitar servicios del lenguaje relacionado con Eastie Habla.

How to get involved

To make it easy for you to share your ideas for East Boston, there's multiple ways to get engaged:

Don't have specific ideas? Support the work of residents and service providers in addressing unmet needs by filling out a survey and sharing your experience and perspectives on topics such as housing, food access, economic opportunity, and education.

Fill out Community Needs Survey

If you don't have regular access to a computer or prefer to fill it out by pen or paper, contact us.

Process Timeline


What we're facilitating

  • Through Feb: Ideate - Submit your ideas for public investments the City should make to improve Eastie

  • March: Refine - Collaborate with idea submitters and key stakeholders to get sufficient information needed to vote, such as potential cost

  • April: Vote - Make your priorities known on how to best spend future growth in tax revenue and elect community representatives for a new "East Boston Neighborhood Improvement Council," which would guide next steps

  • May: Synthesize - Summarize community perspectives into a framework to help guide future work

  • June and beyond: Advocate - Work towards realizing community vision, potentially by formally committing future tax revenue growth towards addressing neighborhood needs through implementing District Improvement Financing.

What the City is doing

  • January 18: Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) officially adopted "PLAN: East Boston" as the neighborhood plan

  • February: BPDA petitions Boston Zoning Commission (BZC) to implement zoning changes

  • TBD: Further study of safety & mobility changes

Latest updates

Eastie Speaks! Steering Meeting (Virtual)

January 30th, 2024

Presentation | Recording

Eastie Speaks! Kickoff (In Person)

January 10th, 2024

Presentation | Workshop Materials | Recording (Disponible en español: Haz clic en el globo para cambiar el audio a español)


Eastie Speaks! is independently facilitated by Perci PBC and neither funded nor endorsed by any government agency or elected official. Perci PBC is legally structured as a public benefit corporation to “promote equitable and inclusive economic development through innovative technology.”

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Reference: PERCI-PART-2023-10-1


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